November – Flower of the month

There are more than 2000 kinds of Japanese camellia. We enjoy the wide varieties of their colors and kinds from November to March, the time of the year with least kinds of flowers.

Flowers have three different stages, first bloom, high bloom and late bloom, and for each stage, it is important what other components you would choose to combine with.

In the calm early winter, we see Shirotama-Tsubaki with beautiful evergreen leaves and naïve smiles. Hon-ami-Tsubaki, dignified with its big size flowers and shiny green leaves, is fit for early spring celebrative occasions.                                                                      After a long winter, it is the charming Yabu-tsubaki that shares its blooming season with cherry blossoms.

During the season where there are only a few kinds of flowers, the arranging flowers is up to one’s flexible creativity..

Materials used in the arrangement: Camellia, Lotus Nuts, Kinoteriha, Ougino-mi-mayumi

Vase: Hi’ishi-tsubo(Lava Pot) by Tadashi Itoh

Profile of Ms.Hiroko Suzuki

Born in 1963, Ms. Suzuki started at her early age with her Ikebana lessons (Ikenobo, Ohara and European Flower Arrangement). She continued with her studies of “nageire” style under Master Toshiro Kawase and came to hold many exhibitions in and outside Japan. Many of her works appear in magazines and on TV.

Her latest production is the “Sculpture with Plants”, at which Ms. Suzuki introduces her works using dried plants and fresh in her own unique style. She teaches flower arrangements at several cultural schools.