January:Arrangement for the month- Mematsu, the Japanese Red Pine

Arranged by Hiroko Suzuki

Arranged by Hiroko Suzuki

Instead of an ordinary New Year pine deco, I have worked here on a hanging arrangement.

Somewhat casual atmosphere is created by putting up a movement using lycopodium.
Even with a small size pine, a long tubular vessel can produce bigger an arrangement.

Hanging piece coming out too much forward could hinder the passers-by, so care should be taken at arranging.

However, the piece should not be flat, so work out.

Lycopodium was helpful in this case.


Materials arranged: Mematsu(Japanese red pine), Tsuru’ume modoki(oriental bittersweet), Hikage(lycopodium)

Flower Vessel: “SumimakiFun nuri-Kakebanaire” by IZUMI Kentaro