December: Arrangement for the month – Alder

Arranged by Hiroko Suzuki

Arranged by Hiroko Suzuki


Here is a lovely Christmas Eve arrangement  with a gentle pattern resembling an angel gown behind.

Arranging a  variety of fruits one over the other,  this one is never gaudy but elegant in atmosphere.

None too much in quantity,   emphasis and vacancy well balanced……”Ma”(spacing)  is an important element of an arrangement.

With angelic genuine heart, may an arrangement be so chaste and noble .

Materials arranged: alder, Kurogane holly (llex rotunda), fruit of Jozan hydrangea, Nubatama(blackberry lilly fruits), hiba(Thujopsis dolabrata)

Flower vessel: “Kinkarakami Four Season Pattern Vase” by IKEDA Kazuhiro

Background:”Kinkarakami Four Season Pattern Screen” by IKEDA Kazuhiro