August: Flower of the month- Oyamabokuchi(Synurus pungens)

Arranged by Hiroko Suzuki

Arranged by Hiroko Suzuki

Arrangements in glass vases above all require crystal clear water.

It is an integral element of arrangements….yes, be aware.

In the intricated arranging process, if water gets unclear, never hesitate to replace it  with a clear water.

Have a least use of rugged pinholder such as kenzan. If any, cover it up right and smart with big leaves.

Underwater leaves tend to cause water impurities and thus the freshness of the arrangement is kept obviously  within its limited time.

Cherish,however, the once- in-a lifetime chance.


Components of the arrangement:Oyamabokuchi(Synurus pungens), Fuuchisoh(Hakonechloa macra),Numatorano-o(Lysimachia fortunei)

Flower vessel: Bowl ”DIP Bachi” by ARAKAWA Naoya