July: Flower of the month – Lotus Flower

Arranged by Hiroko Suzuki

Arranged by Hiroko Suzuki

I have no convenient vessel for a big arrangement……

In such a case, just forget about an idea of using a vessel.  A gigantic leaf to conceal the kenzan(pinholder)….. spray water over the arrangement campus….  The background tiles serve as a vessel.

Lotus leaves droop fast, so Basho leaf will do.

Lustrous Basho leaf gives a cooler effect and has more splendor.

Though summer flowers don’t last long , they are indispensable for an impactful performance.

Take on a challenge with a bold idea.


Materials arranged:  Lotus Flower, Basho Leaf

As a flower vessel:  “Koutei(Garden of  Light)” by KAWAGUCHI Jun