December: Flower of the month - Winter Chrysanthemum

Kangiku, the winter chrysanthemums, are not only frost tolerant – – so attractive are their beautifully red turned leaves.

Arranged by Hiroko Suzuki

Arranged by Hiroko Suzuki

They add a touch of warmth to the uniquely formed golden vessel designed with numerous figures of little boys.

A mere lump of leaves may it look like. Though it may not be an easy task to fix an arrangement look natural and sophisticated, let’s finish it up adding some Nanjing tallow berries.

Arrange while giving your thoughts to the passsing year full of memories.

Here, it’s done and you have another color to your Christmas night !


Materials aranged: Kangiku(winter chrysanthemums), chimonanthus branches, Nanjing tallow berries

Vessel: “Kashoh-Kintoh-Tsubo”by ICHIKAWA Yoshio