May – Flower of the month: Yunnan Octagon Lotus

Arranged by Hiroko Suzuki

Arranged by Hiroko Suzuki

When arranging a big leaf, let’s simply put it high, without covering the opening of the vessel.

The boldness of big leaf and the delicacy of Futarishizuka make a fantastic contrast.

Some techniques are required to keep the leaf stay at a good angle;

either “Jyumonji Method” or “Ichimonji Method”, the prior being cross branches fitting right in the opening of the vessel, and the latter being a simple piece of branch cut likewise. These are the most popular methods applied in nageire style. The pinholder, Kenzan, is less preferred.

Now, having the big leaf set right in its place, gently insert the Futarishizuka.

Here is an arrangement, giving one’s thought to the drama of ancient hero, Yoshitsune and his mistess Shizuka.

Components: Yunnan Octagon Lotus, Futarishizuka(Chloranthus Serratus), Stripe Bulrush

Vessel: “Three-legged Vessel”by Ito Keiji

Hiroko Suzuki

Born in Chiba, she started her tea ceremony and ikebana lessons at her early age.

She studied under Kawase Toshiro, eventually disclosing her works through medias.

While putting up numerous exhibits in and outside of Japan, she constantly engages herself holding her nageire classes.

In latest years she produced her “Sculpture with Plants” and expanding furthermore her activities in artistic works.