February: Flower of the month-Camelia

 Here we have an encounter with camelia, moss tree and a white vessel that reminds us of snow.

 Arranged by Hiroko Suzuki

Arranged by Hiroko Suzuki

“Nageire” is not simply an ikebana technique of throwing in, but rather an arrangement of one’s inclination of mind.

In other words, it could be in any form, provided that it looks natural.

Reverence for nature is what we have basically.

Our emotion, enriched by nature’s blessings, drive us to arrange such a nageire.

Materials: Camelia, Moss Tree, Tosa Mizuki

Vessel: “Hakuyuh-bin” by Kishino Kan

Hiroko Suzuki

Born in Chiba, she started her tea ceremony and ikebana lessons at her early age.

She studied under Kawase Toshiro, eventually disclosing her works through medias.

While putting up numerous exhibits in and outside of Japan, she constantly engages herself holding her nageire classes.

In latest years she produced her “Sculpture with Plants” and expanding furthermore her activities in artistic works.