December:Flower of the month

Arrangement by Hiroko Suzuki

Arrangement by Hiroko Suzuki

The space provided, flowers begin breathing and are brought to life.

You may prefer arranging flowers on your working table or in your kitchen and then transfer it to the spot…..yes, maybe it’s easier for you.  This, howerver, cannot bring forth the atmosphere of the spot where the arrangement should stay.

December is the month with shortest daytime in the year and it’s the month when we have the oblique sunlight coming into our room.

Let us cherish such oblique sunlight with all our heart and arrange the spot with flowers so comfortable and relieving in the busy end of the year….just like treating yourself to a cup of warm milk.

Materials: Japanese allspice, camelia, cotton, arrowroot

Vessel: “Hakuji-Hanaire”(White Porcelain Flower Vessel) by Tabuchi Taro

Hiroko Suzuki

Born in Chiba, she started her tea ceremony and ikebana lessons at her early age.

She studied under Kawase Toshiro, eventually disclosing her works through medias.

While putting up numerous exhibits in and outside of Japan, she constantly engages herself holding her nageire classes.

In latest years she produced her “Sculpture with Plants” and expanding furthermore her activities in artistic works.