Exhibition “OIDEYASU(Come and see) ”

Exhibition “OIDEYASU(Come and see) ”

Period: April 2nd (Sat) through 21st (Thu), 2022.


Participating artists: IRIZAWA Azusa, UEBA Kasumi,NAKAMURA Saien,


Artist present in gallery:
MOCHIZUKI Megumi April 2nd & 3rd,
MIZUKI Yoko April 2nd


【Urushi Sculpture】IRIZAWA Azusa
Title of the work: “Ninifunini(Two are of one)”

1983 Born in Osaka
2018 PhD(Fine Arts), Kyoto City University of Arts
2019 Diploma from the Kyoto Municipal Institute of Industrial Technology &
Culture, Training Course for Succession Planning of Traditional Industries
“Japanning Technique Advanced Level Course”
2020 Kyoto City The Best Young Artist Award
Currently active in production in Minoʼo City, Osaka

【Ceramics】UEBA Kasumi 
Title of the work: “Suzaku(Red Chinese Phoenix) CAP & SAUCER”

1978 Born in Kyoto
2001 BFA from Kyoto City University of Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, Dept. of Crafts,
Ceramics Course
2002 Diploma from Kyoto Municipal Institute of Industrial Technology and Culture,
Ceramic Course
2011 Kyoto Prefecture Culture Award, Encouragement Prize
2012 Kyoto City The Best Young Artist Award
Currently engaged in production in Kyoto City

【Kyo Embroidery】NAKAMURA Saien
Title of the work: “Fuhjin Raijin(Wind God & Thunder God)

1983 Graduated from Momoyama Gakuin University and studied Kyoto embroidery
under her father, NAKAMURA Koji, a traditional Kyo embroidery craftsman.
1999 Special Encouragement Prize at the 26th Kyoto Crafts and Industrial
Technology Competition.
2000 Certified as a traditional craftsman in Kyoto embroidery
2009 Exhibited at the Shine Young Women Artisans Exhibition
Currently embroiders kimonos and obis and holds Japanese embroidery classes
throughout Japan.

【Gofun Moriage Zaishiki】MIZUKI Yoko
Title of the work: Gofun Moriage Zaishiki Bako”Hana Shippo(Flower Cloisonne

Born in 1955
2010 Started activities as a shellfish powder glaze colourist.
2011~2021 Exhibited at Mitsukoshi Ginza and Nihonbashi 'Kyoto Exhibition'.
※Gofun Moriage Zaishiki (raised) is introduced from China in the Nara period. Now
a rare technique in Kyoto.
A technique in which gofun (starch) is kneaded with glue and water, then applied
in layers with a brush to give it thickness and a three-dimensional effect.

【Kiri-e】MOCHIZUKI Megumi
Title of the work: “Kiri-e Tora(Paper cut out Tiger)”

1978 Born in Kanagawa Prefecture
2013 Moved to Kyoto
Member of the Swiss Paper Cutting Association, part-time lecturer at the Kyoto
Traditional Crafts College.
Started working as a paper cut-out artist while a student at Tokyo Gakugei
University. She has created many large-scale installations in temples, tea rooms
and other traditional architecture, utilizing the tense, transparent beauty unique to
paper cut-outs, which are created by carving a sheet of paper.

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