ENDO Ryosuke Solo Exhibition – Where the Animals Are –

ENDO Ryosuke Solo Exhibition – Where the Animals Are –

Period: February 12th(Sat.)through March 4th(Fri.),2022


Artist present in Gallery: February 12th , 13th, 26th (further dates will be updated)

“Silhouette-Pug-“2021 size: h350 500 200mm material: machine shredded paper

[Artist's comment]
All of my works currently on display are made from "newspaper" as well as from
"shredded paper".

Newspaper seems to embody modern society. It is filled with information that one cannot find out just by oneself in the daily life. Although the world is human-
centered, a wide variety of animals also live synchronically.

Newspaper is made from recycled paper, which can then be recycled into new paper.
Living creatures are born, leave offsprings and die. I see the similarity in these both
where they are passed on from one generation to the next.
I am creating my work incorporating the 'now' in the animals living today.

・Shredded Paper
Shredded paper is difficult to re-use because the fibres are cut too fine. In most
cases, they are incinerated to prevent information leakage. My attempt was to see if
this material could be used in my art production.
'Paradise of life'.
The “Town Musicians of Bremen” features animals that have grown old and are no
longer able to perform their tasks. They became no longer wanted by humans and
have fled. This piece of my work, calling attention to the “Town Musicians of Bremen”,
is made from paper that is not reused but that will be incinerated . This work
questions today's disposable society.
'Silhouette' series.
Carving-based production (e.g. wood and stone carving) involves carving shapes out
of blocks and building them up. The carved and shaved parts do not remain as a
form. I wanted to use such these materials, the ʼsculpture of the parts that do not
become sculptureʼ, and give them a form.
As I started using the paper as my work material and tried various techniques, I
eventually discovered the warm woody look of paper, the hard stone-like look and
multitudinous other expressions. I hope you will see how interesting paper is.

Personal History
1991 Born in Shizuoka, Japan
2014 BFA from Tama Art University, Faculty of Art and Design, Department of Sculpture
2015 Pam Prize, 25th Kamiwaza(Paper Technique) Award
2016 MFA from Tama Art University, Graduate School of Art and Design, Sculpture Course
2017 Participation in the exhibition”Transformation of Newspaper”(Hamada Children's
Museum of Art)
2018 Deputy Assistant, Tama Art University, Laboratory of Common Education
Pam Prize, 28th Kamiwaza(Paper Technique) Award
2019 Participation in the exhibition “Kami no Kami Waza - Kamino Shiwaza: The Divine Art
2020 Assistant Professor, Laboratory for Common Education, Tama Art University
Participation in “The Amazing World of Paper Exhibition: The World of Paper Art “(The
World Childrenʼs Art Museum in Okazaki)

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