KAWAGUCHI Jun Solo Exhibition – Pottery- Clay,Glaze,High Firing–Part II

KAWAGUCHI Jun Solo Exhibition – Pottery- Clay,Glaze,High Firing–Part II

Period: October 2nd(Sat) through October 22nd(Fri.)

Artist present in Gallery: Oct.2,3,9,10,11,16,17,22&further
dates will be updated.




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Following the “Pottery- Clay,Glaze,High Firing” Solo Exhibition 2019, here is his 2nd
version under the same concept. For the details,
please refer to “Kawaguchi Jun Solo Exhibition 2019”

1951 - Born in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture
1963 - Aims to study at an university of fine arts
1964 - His dream to become a farmer is discouraged by the agricultural policy of Japan.
1965 - His dream to become a monk led him, in despair at the secular world,
to spend a year devoting himself to practicing Zen meditation.
1966 - The out-of-body experiences made him addictive to it, yet he strives for the soul
and body unification.
Determined to become an unemployed drifter.
1970 - Recognizes that the origin of beauty, the common language in the world, is the arts and crafts.
1975 - After graduating from Kyoto City University of Arts, leads a freewheeling life.
1997 - The scenery in Sinai and his life with the Bedouins made him eventually realize
the complete loss of his ability to perceive the metaphor implied both in the landscape
and in the way of the basic life.
He realizes the world is full of love and hence becomes optimistic.
2007 - Practices Hejira.
2011 - Determines to set out to sea in his search, rowing a boat with an oar.
2021 - Instead of an oar, takes a paddle in his hand.

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