YAMADA Hiroyuki Solo Exhibition

YAMADA Hiroyuki Solo Exhibition

ーNon-daily Delusionsー
Period: August 25th(Tues)~September 7th(Mon)

This year marks 30th year since I started making potteries.
I’ve been thinking to lead my life mundanely making vessels and having people use them in their daily lives.
But I came to feel there was nothing but boring repetitive work, that could never satisfy my desire.
Having uncountable longings, my imagination grew bigger and bigger, bearing non-daily delusions. My pieces no more are adjusted to demands of daily living.
The exploration of pottery techniques is full of endless excitement.
Coming up with new ideas, I experiment and transform them into works of art. It is the utmost joy when I achieve to convert my imagination into a piece of art.
Never sticking to one single thing, I always work on four or several different things.
There are projects that go on simultaneously, while others stay stagnant.
People often say my works are often hard to believe they are by a same artist. That’s one of my problems.
Knowing this, Ms. Yazaki, the owner of the gallery, has given me a commission to hold a solo exhibition of vessels that only I could create.
There is no need to categorize your work, but just show everything straightforward.
These words, I can’t tell you how much, have eased my mind.

Personal History.
1970 Born in Sasayama City, Hyogo Prefecture
1992 BFA from Okayama University
1999 Excellence Award, Shigaraki Ceramic Art Exhibition
2008-2012 Organized and exhibited the Art Event Shigaraki ACT
Currently engaged in production in Miyamachi, Shigaraki, while participating in exhibitions and workshops in Japan and abroad.

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