MATSUMOTO Hideo Solo Exhibition

MATSUMOTO Hideo Solo Exhibition

Period: September 14th(Sat.)〜29th(Sun.)

A Chain of Details”

Since the 1980’s, my keen interest has been to create artworks intentionally adopting on their outmost layer the spontaneous cray lines or cracks borne in the production process, and the continuation of my production is an output of a chain of new discoveries of details.

Here in my solo exhibition at Gallery Yusai, I would like to present to you my pieces on the theme “a chain of details” from three different perspectives.


<in the Main Gallery>

Exhibited here are works made of slabs of compressed ceramic thread bundles in waterfall pattern.  From 1985 through 1995, on the theme of water surface, I engaged myself in producing a series of blue works, in which each piece was produced by line engraving on Tatara slabs with its detail lines finished up with Gosu(asbolite)blue.

In the following years, my engagement has been with the detailed works on stones and rock surfaces, eventually bringing into form a series of white works that spotlights only the ceramic texture, produced by compressing in the plaster mold the grains and fragments of kaolin.

From 2018 onwards, adding the Gosu(asbolite)color to such line details of compressed thin strips of kaolin brought about another artwork to join the blue series, namely the wall art decor “Falls”on the theme of a waterfall, comprised of numerous lines running in various directions. These waterfall wall art pieces are on exhibit along with “Fall Villas”, the three-dimensional architecture models.


<in the Side Gallery>

Exhibited here is an abstract piece [Holy Hole ’19]

Since the surface layer detail made of chips and thin strips of kaolin overlaps with the image of the classic stone architecture, I have used such texture of ceramic details to decoratively wrap the intangible hole(emptiness) right in the central axis. This is an art piece implying to a possibility of converting a mere hole, with such an act of decoration, into a molding of a holy space.


< In the Japanese Tea Room>

As I was discarding a part of my work, the texture of production technique could be perceived even in the crushed miniscule fragments.  I came up with an idea that such debris could also be converted into creative molding particles feasible to express “a spot” or “dimensions”. Here using these fragments I am exhibiting a circular desert  2 meters of diameter and 10cm of depth.

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