OHMORI Akio & his Factory Staffs Joint Exhibition  ー Hazumiー

OHMORI Akio & his Factory Staffs Joint Exhibition  ー Hazumiー

Period: May 18th(Sat) through 31st(Fri),2019


This is my 8th year since the implementation of the so-called "atelier system" in my factory, under which artists create their own pieces in the collaborative environment. Through the courtesy of the Gallery Yakata Yusai, I have now come to hold the first joint exhibition with my factory staffs.

While these staffs are now indispensable for the creation of art pieces, this is not a place for them to stay throughout their lifetime.
Their experiences here in my factory or the valuable relationship with the people who have taken care of them, all such are the sources of "HAZUMI", a leap that pushes them to stand on their feet some day and that's my aim.

Of those, who have forged a solid footing towards their departing day from my factory,
firmer the footing, bigger will be the leap with the "HAZUMI".

Having that in mind, I have put up this time the theme "HAZUMI", under which each of us has created our own pieces for this exhibition.

I, as the head of the factory, appreciate much to hear your frank opinion.

Akio Ohmori,
Head of D.B.Factory

1971 Born in Tokyo
1996 BFA from Aichi University of the Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, Dept. of Sculpture
1995~2002 Serves as an atelier staff of the sculptor YABUUCHI Satoshi
1999 Opens his atelier D.B.Factory in Machiya, Arakawa Ward
2005 Moves his atelier to Kitasenju, Adachi Ward
Other than the presentations at galleries, department stores, art fairs
, museums etc. his wide range of presentation is seen at collaborations with numerous fashion
Publications of his photo essays & works “PLEASE DO DISTURB”(Geijutsu Shinbunsha) and
OHMORI Aki album“GEKKON TSUKIATO”(Maria Shobo)

【My Interpretation of the theme “HAZUMI”】
This piece shows the very moment of a fox, as he springs high in the air to plunge headfirst right into
the snow, with his back so pliant and flexible, aiming his game hidden deep under the snow.
The fox, in order to plunge as deep as possible and in one gulp, needs a good“Hazumi” and no doubt
in such a freezing coldness, is he so absorbed for his life. That, however, seems to me so loving as
if he is playing innocently with snow and his heart leaping with “Hazumi”.

【My first attempt】
I have till recently worked with mirrors, and taking its advantage, once, I turned it into a sky, another
time into a space for the “ spider thread”, and if not, into a water surface.
This time as my first attempt, I have expressed “ the deep snow and the whirling snow particles”
within the space the mirror creates.

1988 Born in Tokyo
2014 BFA from Tokyo University of the Arts, Faculty of the Fine Arts, Dept. of Crafts, Lacquer
2016 MA from Tokyo University of the Arts, Graduate School of Fine Arts, Sculpture Course
2011~ Serves as an assistant to the sculptor OHMORI Akio at the D.B.Factory
【 My Interpretation of the theme “HAZUMI”】
“HAZUMI” to me is a stage, where one makes a big leap. Myself, I should say, is still in the preceding
stage which I would like to express in my two works.
The “Linden”, is a piece with a lion quietly watching how a young seed leaf of a linden( wisdom of
enlightenment)would grow. The “Tsuki-he-itarumade” has its motif based on a story of a rabbit, that ascended to the moon after
throwing itself into the burning fire in sacrifice for the hungry old man.
Both pieces indicate a forestep of something.
I have created these pieces, imagining what made both the lion and the rabbit to have such thoughts.
【My first attempt】
As one of the staffs of Master Akio Ohmori participating this joint exhibition, I have made my first
attempt to incorporate in my piece what I have seen in the Factory in my past days.
For this occasion, I have taken up as my another theme, what and how would be if I created on my
own both the “flame”often expressed in the Ohmori pieces and the lion I have worked on for the
production of the statue of Mahāvairocana.

◾YAMAMOTO Takehiro
1986 Born in Shizuoka
2015 MA from Tohoku University of Art & Design, Graduate School, Sculpture Studies
2017 Completion of a research student term at Tokyo University of the Arts, Dept. of Sculpture
2016~ Serves as an assistant to the sculptor Master Akio Ohmori at the D.B. Factory
【 My Interpretation of the theme “HAZUMI”】
I have worked under the theme trying to express “Hazumi” imaging not only a leap as a movement
but its momentary change of a living creature in its movement.
【My first attempt】
As one of the expressions of “a momentary change”, I have taken up newly the skill of “Hakone
Yosegi Zaiku”. Having myself much to do with wooden mosaic works, my aim is to learn, to apply, and
to find my own way of expression based on my work experiences.

1994 Born in Saga
2019 BFA from Tokyo University of the Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, Dept. of Sculpture
2019 Enrolled in the Tokyo University of the Arts, the Graduate School of Fine Arts, Sculpture
2017~ Serves as an assistant to the sculptor Master Akio Ohmori
【 My Interpretation of the theme “HAZUMI”】
My desire is to have a constant toughness to firmly etch myself in my production within tranquility. I
admire how a tree stretches its branches high towards the sky and its roots deep into the ground.
Thus would I like to be and at producing numerous pieces, trees are hence always taken up as a
Given this time the common theme “Hazumi”, what have come up in my mind are ripples, wind dust,
ruined marks or crater, left behind by some cause. No matter how petty the catalyst may be, it could
bring about an aftermath, that could grow wider, longer or deeper. Such notion has led me adopt in my work this time, may it be a ripple or may it be a plant,
how they spread out themselves and grow vitally. 【My first attempt】
“Suimen-ni-tatsu”(Standing on the water surface) is my first attempt in a bigger scale display. Using wood and lacquer, I have expressed an image of how the fragmentary memories and facts
resonate in one’s mind.

1995 Born in Fukuoka
2016.7~2017.12 Studies restoration technique of buddha statues at Meikodo Inc.
2018 MFA from Musashino Art University, Dept. of Sculpture
2017~ Serves as an assistant to the sculptor Master Akio Ohmori at the D.B.Factory
【 My Interpretation of the theme “HAZUMI”】
This is the piece, which expresses myself heading step by step towards my dream, building on my
experiences as an assistant to Master Akio Ohmori and on my working experiences. Here my
glittering “dream” is put up at the top in a form of a hanging ornament and the round lower piece
symbolizes myself as a telescope goldfish leaping towards it. ”Onagagyo-Yohkohsho” ”Onagagyo-Gakkohsho” Working hard day and night with the productions, in search for the better way to leap(i.e.the way to
express myself and presenting it)to reach the goal, these pieces express the processes of my trial
and error in my daily production, lit by the sun(i.e. the daytime experiences as an assistant to Master
Akio Ohmori) and by moon (i.e.the nocturnal experiences through my production works)
【My first attempt】
At producing each part of the hanging ornaments, namely wooden part, brass part and ceramic part, I
have taken in a technique to make rubber mold out of each respective original mold, thus
reproducing each part adding brass casting in the process.

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