KAWAGUCHI Jun Solo Exhibition – Pottery- Clay,Glaze,High Firing

KAWAGUCHI Jun Solo Exhibition – Pottery- Clay,Glaze,High Firing

Period: April 6th(Sat) through 23rd(Tues)

Welcome drink will be served the premiere evening 17:00~

A mere pottery making it is, with clay as its tool.
I hence focused solely on the basics of clay, glazing and firing and tried my utmost to do away with numerous enchanting phenomena that as ever arise in the creating process.

It is none of such to bring into shape the grandiose and mysterious beauty the nature bears, nor is it to draw myself closer to the immense universe and play God.

It is none of a challenge to the integrity of the past masterpieces either, nor is it urging any poetic sentiment or nostalgia.

Never deliberately do I pursue the beauty that may be created through glazing or firing, nor do I deliberately bring forth any of their possible or impossible phenomena.

I tried my utmost to avoid any tendency that may suggest any particular metaphor, as if tempting to a religious belief with a touch of divination. Likewise have I avoided to leave behind any bit of a trace of myself.

There has been no deliberate super technic applied to attract one's eyes nor to search for the light of the day.
I solely and indifferently have followed a simple repetition of pottery production process.

Jun Kawaguchi

ーMy post-Exhibition notesー
My concept and two years of preparatory period  to precede, the exhibition manifesting in total of my pottery production has successfully finished off. I would like to extend my appreciation to the Gallery Yakata Yusai and my friends, who have given me the chance and a great support in my production.
This occasion is to mark my next step forward, having myself further determined to keep on stepping up in my production career.
Not only was it my great pleasure to receive many of my old acquaintances, who have probably made their way to visit the exhibition, sensing my passion towards producing, but my regrets was it also to have some passing aways in recent years, whom I miss much, for they would otherwise have given me definitely valuable advices. Although that induces me to admit my aging a bit,  I recognized at the same time, that I have lots to do ahead of me and that’s the notion this exhibition has  forwarded me anew.
                 2019/04/24           Jun Kawaguchi

​―Biography of Jun Kawaguchi―

1951 Born in Yokohama
1963 Aims to study at an university of fine arts
1964 His dream to become a farmer is discouraged by the agricultural policy of Japan.
1965 His dream to become a monk led him, in despair at the secular world, to spend a year devoting himself to practicing Zen meditation.
1966 The out-of-body experiences made him addictive to it, yet he strives for the soul and body unification.
Determined to become an unemployed drifter.
1970 Recognizes that the origin of beauty, the common language in the world, is the arts and crafts.
1975 After graduating from Kyoto City University of Arts, leads a freewheeling life.
1997 The scenery in Sinai and his life with the Bedouins made him eventually realize the complete loss of his ability to perceive the metaphor implied both in the landscape and in the way of the basic life.
He realizes the world is full of love and hence becomes optimistic.
2007 Practices Hejira.
2011 Determines to set out to sea, rowing a boat himself.


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