Wakamon-ten (Youths’ Exhibition)

Wakamon-ten (Youths’ Exhibition)

July 2nd(Sat) through July 21st(Thu)2016

This is not simply a group exhibition of young men. It's rather of the young artists whose works are yet on the training process with high expectancy. They produce pieces through trial and error, thus eventually achieving liveliness in their work. Please enjoy.
■ANZAI Kenta
1980  Born in Fukushima Prefecture
After graduating from university and some years as a salaried worker, entered Traditional Art School of Kyoto to learn ceramic art
2006  An assistant to the ceramist Daniel Smith in London, later apprenticeship with the Izu-based ceramist KURODA Taizo and learns white porcelain
2010  Sets up his independent kiln in Kohriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture

■IZUMI Kentaro
1972  Born in Niigata Prefecture
2006  Diploma from Uematsu Vocational School of Technology, Woodcraft Course, Nagano Prefecture
          Engages himself ever since with his productions in Niigata
2013  87th KOKUTEN Industrial Arts Award
2014  88th KOKUTEN Industrial Arts Incentive Award
2015  89th KOKUTEN Industrial Arts Award

1982 Born in Tokyo
2008 Diploma from Tajimi City Pottery Design and Technical Center Gifu
2011 Sets up his kiln in Tochigi Prefecture
2015 8th Gendai Chatou-ten Award

1982  Born in Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture
2013  Diploma from Prefectural Technical Center for  Kutani Pottery, Ishikawa Prefecture
          Apprenticeship with FUKUSHIMA Buzan
          IKEYAN☆Audition Grand Prix
2014  37th Traditional Kutani Industrial Arts Exhibition Incentive Award

■SETSU Junji
1975  Born in Kyoto
1998  MFA from Kyoto Seika University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Dept. of Ceramics
2002  31st Japan Traditional Art Crafts in Kinki Exhibition "New Artist Incentive Award"
2013  International Craft Competition of Kanazawa Award
2015  8th Gendai Chato-ten"TOKI Oribe Excellence Award"
2016  22nd Mino Chawan-ten Award

1969  Born in Mie Prefecture
1992  BFA from Meiji University, Faculty of Law
2004  Apprenticeship with TAKEKOSHI  Jun
2005  Ishikawa Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition Award
2011 Traditional Kutaniyaki Exhibition Technical Award
2015 Solo Exhibition at Nihonbashi Mitukoshi Art Square

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