Group Exhibiton “Linking up” by Iga & Kouga Groups

Group Exhibiton “Linking up” by Iga & Kouga Groups

 Schedule: Saturday, June 28th 2014
to Friday July 18th 2014

Participating  artists:
Ishiyama Tetsuya, Sawa Katsunori, Shimo Kazuhiro,
Yamada Hiroyuki, Watarai Yasuhiro

Sharing their borders along the mountain paths, Iga and Shigaraki potteries utilize the same Kobiwako Stratum clay. Sueki or Sue ware, the earthenwares in the 3rd c to 12th c Japan, as their common original source, Iga kiln developed putting forth the tea pottery, whereas Shigaraki the miscellaneous earthenware.

Both areas are rich in quality clay with excellent refractoriness suitable for pottery, and such assets, as a matter of course, have brought the areas to become one of the well-known pottery spots in Japan.

Here and there in this mountain area, bare clay layer or strata can be spotted and lumps of clay, broken off by heavy rain, often rumble in the river.

In such a land, you can reassure how the blessing of nature has brought about the history-long continuation of the pottery production.

Thanks to Mrs.Yazaki, the owner of Yakata, who made possible the linking of five artists with different concepts, one who deems pottery along the time axis, another asserting the importance in conceptualizing,  the third focusing the decorativity in creation, the fourth determining the substancial significance of pottery as the basis of all, and the fifth believing fire as the master of all creation.

Here, these artists, each with their respective concept and technique, proudly challenge to create something useful that could be handed over to the future.

Yamada Hiroyuki

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