Exhibition “BOX”

Exhibition “BOX”

Thursday April 10th to Saturday April 26th

This coming April 10th 2014 marks the 2nd anniversary of Yakata Yousai.. I would like to express my gratitude to all of my supporters and customers for the encouragements I have received in this past years.

Commemorating the anniversary, I am holding an exhibition “BOX”. Nine artists from fields of metals, engraving, glass, lacquer, wood work, Kinkarakami, acrylic and ceramic arts, work on their own to form an artwork that would fit in a prescribed box, that comes together all in one final piece, a palankeen.

Artists, making full use of their skills and wisdom, tuckle with the space called “box”.

Yakata is a cluster of industial art works of various artists. Let this palankeen be a miniature version of Yakata.

Please enjoy the unfolding artistic gimmicks it offers. Numerous other boxes are also on display.

I hope you will make time to visit us and enjoy the splendor of Japanese art crafts.

Takako Yazaki

Yakata Yousai

Participating Artists

[Collaboration] Akihama Katsuhiro, Ikeda Kazuhiro, Inoue Atsufumi, Kato Naoko, Kato Ryo, Kudo Shigeki, Sato Chu, Morino Akito, Rusu Aki
Supervisor: Honda Atsushi
[Solo works] Ikeda Shogo, Ueba Kasumi, Kato Tsubusa, Kawaguchi Jun, Shimo Kazuhiro, Suzuki Hideaki, Takama Tomoko, Hayashi Mamiko, Fukami Sueharu, Yamaji Kazuo, Watarai Yasuhiro among others.


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