Solo Exhibition of Jun Kawaguchi

Solo Exhibition of Jun Kawaguchi

( =Paradisiacal Dream Ceramic Journal in Colorful Overglazed  Enamels)

July 4th(Sat) – July 23rd(Tues) 2015


1951 Born in Yokohama

1963  Aims to study at an university of fine arts

1964  His new dream to become a farmer is discouraged by the state and policy of agricultural administration in Japan

1965  His new dream to become a monk led him, in despair with the world, to spend a year of practicing Zen meditation

1966  Upon his experience of his soul liberation, became addictive but strives for its unification with body.
Determined to become an unemployed drifter.

1970  Recognizes that art craft is the common language in the world and an origin of beauty.

1975  After graduating from Kyoto City University of Arts, leads a freewheeling life.

1997  His life with the Bedouins in Sinai made him become aware of his complete loss of ability to perceive the metaphor hidden in the way of leading basic life and in the landscape.
He realizes the world is full of love and becomes optimistic

2007  Practices Hejira

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