Four-Men Exhibition “Tsuchi-susabi”

Four-Men Exhibition “Tsuchi-susabi”

Participating Artists:
Kawakami Kiyomi,
Murayama Kentaro,
Ikeda Shohgo,
Mitoh Rui,


Exhibition Period:
Saturday November 8th to Friday November 21st


Opening Party:
Saturday November 8th, 17:00 ~

The “Tsuchi-susabi” is quite unfamiliar an expression. Certainly it is. In fact, it is an original phrasing by Kawakami Kiyomi.

His main works exhibited here are created, not with that of the traditional Karatsu, but with a hollow out technique.

Unlike at potter’s wheel where work is done swiftly,  “Tsuchi-susabi” is an “earnest hand playing with soil” in the process of which all pieces are produced delightfully within an interaction with soil.

Using Karatsu clay and pursuing always the possibility of deeper knowledge, Kawakami is an artist to whom such expression owes its realization.

Please enjoy the exhibit along with other pieces by three young artists insatiately challenging to follow the footsteps of their great master.

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