Shin-miyako-ishoh Exhibition

Shin-miyako-ishoh Exhibition

New Urban Design Exhibition

2013 October 5th to 20th

Opening Party: October 5th(Sat.) 17:00 – 18:30

We will be offering on October 5th & 6th the first 20 visitors respectively some drinks served in the cups, created by the participating artists.

BOWL’s is a brand, started by a group of ceramists residing in the Kiyomizu Pottery Complex to propose new art objects in our modern living.

The cups are produced for this exhibition, focusing mainly on “savoring aroma and flavor”of coffee.

Please enjoy the new art form in ceramics, textile dyeing, woodwork, metalwork and lacquer work, series of new productions with the fusion of technology and artistic design unique to Kyoto

Participating artists:

Izumi Takayuki(Ceramic),

Ichikawa Hirokazu(Ceramic)

Kitano Shiori(design)

Satomura Shigeyuki(Metalwork)

Tanaka Hiroshi(Ceramic)

Taniguchi Koken(Ceramic)

Nakao Hiroe(Japanese Painting)

Murata Yoshikane(Lacquer)

Yagi Shinya(Ceramic Painting)

Yahata Harumi(TextileDyeing)

Mori Hitoshi(Woodwork)

Morino Akito(Ceramic)

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