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More about the UEBA Kasumi Solo Exhibition

The Solo Exhibition of the ceramist UEBA Kasumi is now being held starting July
2nd(Thurs), the originally scheduled for April and postponed event due to the prevention of the spread of COVID19.

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This is an exhibition where you can fully enjoy UEBA’s ever-evolving “Chimera”.
Here are some of her works. All prices indicated below are tax exclusive.

1、morph   W:60、D:40、H:50(cm)



5. Chimera Chuhki & Sakazuki
Size: W:21, D:17, H:24.5(cm)


11. Chimera chiller(w/box)
Size: Φ:10.8, H:9.8(cm)

22.Chimera Katakuchi(w/box)
Size: W:14.6、D:11、H:8.2(cm)


25、Chimera toKuri (w/box)

25、Chimera toKuri (w/box)


36、Sakuramon Chimera Guinomi(w/box)

34.Shochikubaimon Hohraizan Guinomi(w/box)


43. Matsu Chohmon Guinomi(w/box) 
Size:W:10.4, D:7.2, H:6(cm)

40. Hanakarakusamon Bajohai(w/box) 
Size: W:10.4, D:7.2, H:6(cm)


13. Chimera Chawan (w/box)
Size: W:18.2, D:11, H:8.4(cm)

31. Shippomon Kohgo(w/box)
Size: Φ6.8, H:4.6(cm)


27. Blue-eye Furidashi(w/box)
Size: Φ6.8, H:10.2(cm)

30. Hamon Bottle(w/box)
Size: W:12.4, D:5.2, H:12(cm)


19. Momo-ryumonbin
Size: Φ8, H:14(cm)

9.Chimera portrait
Size: W:14.4, D:11.8, H:21.6(cm)


37、Tsubakimon Chimera Guinomi(w/box)

39、.Kikumon Chimera Guinomi(w/box)


38、Matsu Kikkoumon Chimera Guinomi(w/box)


Any inquiries regarding these exhibited items, please email us through our HP “contact” The exhibition is held until July 20th(Mon.)
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In our gallery, the safety of our customers and employees is our top priority, and we are working hard to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. We regret any inconveniences that may arise and would like to further ask our valuable customers’ kind understanding to our requests below.

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