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More about the YAMADA Kazu Solo Exhibition

<Drifting ashore – bits & pieces of memories>

Starting October 5th(Sat), we are holding a solo exhibition of a ceramist YAMADA Kazu.
Other than showcasing his 3D artworks assembled and collaged using his original creations of figurines and trivial old goods, we are screening a collaboration short film directed and produced by his wife, Hiromi Yamada, a doll maker. Below are some of his works on exhibit.

Screening of the short film “A Red Capped Boy”
Directed by Tatsuya Maruyama & Hiromi Yamada
Filmed & Edited by Tatsuya Maruyama
Written & Produced by Hiromi Yamada



Bits & Pieces of Memories(Assemblage)



Bits & Pieces of Memories(Assemblage)



Bits & Pieces of Memories(Assemblage)
“Tada-no-hito”a common man(S)
”Neko”a cat
”Kinokobito”a mushroom man
“Tada-no-hito” a common man(M)
“Tada-no-hito” a common man(L)


the God of Good Fortune(Guignol)w/stand
“Tada-no-hito” a common man, “Neko” a cat


“Tada-no-hito”a common man, “Neko” a cat , “Kinokobito”a mushroom man


It is ongoing until October 25th (Fri).
We look forward for your visit.

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