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More about Urushi Exhibition

Starting June 8th(Sat.) we are holding a group exhibition of 4 urushi artists.
Here are some of the works on exhibit.


「inherent elements 」・・・¥1,500,000(tax excl.)
Size:H78×W135×D8 (cm)


above:「dark elements 」・・・¥150,000(tax excl.)
Size:H40×W15×D5 (cm)
below:「dark elements 」・・・¥150,000(tax excl.)
Size:H40×W15×D5 (cm)


■MURATA Yoshihiko

Silhouette -Iwabashiru- ・・・¥350,000(tax excl.)
Size:H53×W27.5×D90 (cm)


Silhouette -Kazeninoru- ・・・¥110,000(tax excl.)
Size:H35×W14×D5 (cm)


Silhouette -Ten’aogu— ・・・¥120,000(tax excl.)
Size:H31×W11×D6 (cm)





Chuhki ・・・¥50,000(tax excl.)
Size:H17.4×W11.4×D8.4 (cm)

Dohban-kozara ・・・¥10,000(tax excl.)
Size:H1.2×W9.6×D9.6 (cm)

Uchisuzusai-Katakuchi ・・・¥23,000(tax excl.)
Size:H7.2×W15.6×D12.8 (cm)


■YOSHINO Takamasa

Kanshitsu-guhzoh THE ONE ・・・¥2,000,000(tax excl.)
Size:W:50、D:16、H:150 (cm)

Shitsuboku kizoh -Yuhbi-  ・・・¥60,000(tax excl.)
Size:W:10、D:3、H:42 (cm)

Kanshitsu Guhzoh Seigyu-Dohji Nandini ¥2,400,000(税込)
Size: W:25、D:23、H:70(㎝)



The exhibition is held until June 27th(Thurs.)
We look forward receiving you.

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