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More about KUDO Aiko Solo Exhibition “Kakasaisai”

Starting June 25th(Mon.) the Solo Exhibition of KUDO Aiko, silk & clay artist, is now being held.
Showcased are arrangements of  lotus flowers along with fresh and lively fruits made of silk and polymer clay.
Here are some of the works on exhibit.


Gallery view


“Sumizome Tsubomi Arenji”

“Sumizome Hasu Arenji”


“Benihasu Arenji-tusbomi-tsuki”(small)

“Kabekake Tsubomi Arenji” 
Flower vessel by KUDO Shigeki : “Kakebana(round)”


Gallery View

Gallery View


There are also collaboration works using vessels by KUDO Shigeki, a woodwork artist.
Don’t miss, we look forward receiving you.

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