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Guide to “THE IROE Exhibition”

Starting May 12th(Sat), we are holding a group exhibition of six Iroe artists.
We would like to introduce to you some of their works on exhibit.
Prices indicated are tax exclusive.


■ UMEMOTO Eri  ・・・Her creations in Osaka

“Ne-no-kodou”(Beats of plant roots)

“Hananinatta-utsuwa”(container that became a flower)

(Trivial talks breathe) Size:W50、D:45、H:60(㎝)


■KAWABATA Rieko ・・・Her creations in Aichi

“Bitter gourd-shaped Sake server” 

“Akae-kamon-choko”(Akae flower pattern sakazuki)

”Kakuen-Hanazume-Kurochibu Tamasakazuki”
Size: Φ5.8、H:6.2(㎝)


■SHIMO Kazuhiro  ・・・His creations in Iga, Mie

Size: cup:Φ9、H:7、saucer:Φ14.6、H:2.4(㎝)

Size: Φ8、H:9.2(㎝)

Size: W:9.6、D:9.6、H:3.7(㎝)


■TAMURA Seito ・・・ His creations in Ishikawa

Size: Φ10.8、H:8.6(㎝)


Size: cup:Φ9.3、H:5.6、saucer:Φ14.6、H:2.4(㎝)


■TSUMORI Aiko ・・・Her creations in Shigaraki, Shiga

”Blue rabbit with 2 carrots & in red shoes”

”The cat has his nose in∞shape”
 Size: W:33、D:27、H:41(㎝)

”A rabbit in tears (blue/head)”
 Size: W:14、D:12、H:16(㎝)


■FUJIMOTO Yu ・・・His creations in Kyoto

”Incense Burner Octopus”
 Size: W:6.4、D:6.4、H:9.2(㎝)

“Japanese tea cup sea design”
 Size: 皿Φ10、H:1.8、碗Φ5.4、H:4.2(㎝)

“Sakazuki Fish design”
 Size: Φ5.4、H:4.2(㎝)



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We have many other pieces by these artists on exhibit.
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