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Yakata・Yusai Planned Exhibition

As the Second Yakata Yusai Planned Exhibition, “Mirror Exhibition” is now being held.
This time 12 artists of different genre are participating under the theme “Mirror”.

” Tsuki ni murakumo(Moon and the gathering clouds)” by KUDO Shigeki, Hegi (Black silver leaf finishing)/black mirror

Of artists, those of whom already familiar with use of  mirror in their works, and those of whom is the first experience to use the mirror,
you will find practical pieces adapting to the living space or pieces more likely an objet.
Smaller pieces in hand fit size to a super sized work that you may find in Theme Parks,

such creations by each artist with their respective particularity are showcased.


“Mirror” by FUJII Shinsuke Lacquer polished chestnut/mirror


“Ume(apricot flower)” by MORINO Akito, porcelain/mirror


“Kachikarasu(magpieType-B)”by OHMORI Akio, bronze/silver leaf/stainless/coloring


“Kagami ZOEA” by KAWAGUCHI Jun, mirror, ceramic/solder


“Mirror : fish” by KATO Ryo, FRP/urthane/ aluminium/mirror


“Kinkarakami Kagamibako(Kinkarakami mirror box)” by IKEDA Kazuhiro, Kinkarakami/mirror/wood


“shelter#01,#02” by INOUE Atsushi, walnut/mirror


“a mirror” series by KATO Naoko, kiln glass/lacquer coated


“at heart” by AKIHAMA Katsuhiro, copper, brass, gold leaf, silver leaf, wood/mirror,


“-1450℃ flame” by SATO Chu, stainless/ black mirror/wood


Enjoy observing each piece, its entirety and details.
One of the highlight this time is the “Magic Mirror” by YAMAMOTO Akihisa, the mirror artist participating our gallery exhibition for the first time.
With the reflection of the light you will see the design emerging and projected on the wall.
Such magic mirrors used in the past as a mean of the Christianity propagation activity, is created today by the artist YAMAMOTO, the only artist succeeding  the skill.
Yamamoto, resident and active with his production in Kyoto, has given us a rare chance to see his work here in Tokyo.
You should not miss the chance.


You will find many other mirror works on exhibit.
May you have any inquiries regarding details or stocks availability, please contact us by email.