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ITABASHI HIromi Solo Exhibition “Weightlessness within gravity”


The ceramist ITABASHI Hiromi Solo Exhibition has opened on April 9th(Sat.)

The exhibition showcases mainly the Chamotte fireclay objects dynamically displayed in the gallery space.
These are made of clay granules produced through crushing heated refractory clay.

DSC_1306 DSC_1209 (2)

Made of the same material, created under the same process, each piece however has the one and unique radiating presence.

The comparative texture of Chamotte work and porcelain work can be observed through enthralling displays up in the Japanese room.
DSC_1278 (2)

Not only objects pieces, but white porcelain wares by the artist ITABASHI are now taking over and dominating the whole space of our side-gallery, where we normally have permanent exhibition of various artists works.

DSC_1301 (2)

The manufacturing process and further infos are obtainable also through the slide show projector presentation in the gallery.

May you be interested, have a visit and enjoy an unfolding fascination . We look forward seeing you.