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Invitation to the OHMORI Akio Solo Exhibition „Taiyo Mori(Guardian of Sun)”


Works of OHMORI Akio are on exhibit from September 5th(Sat) through September 23rd(Wed).

His latest wooden sculpture piece”Taiyomori(Guardian of Sun)”along with his past works are showcased.




価格:¥4,200,000(税別) サイズ:H202×W82×D44(cm) 素材:檜、欅、黒檀、漆、金箔、彩色、銅、ステンレス 制作年:2015

Taiyomori(Guardian of Sun)
Size: H202×W82×D44(cm)
Material: Japanese cypress, zelkova, ebony, lacquer, gold leaf,
coloring, copper, stainless steel
Production year: 2015

Eagle’s hearts Type-A H56×W45×D22(cm) ブロンズ、鉄 2014 ED100 AP10 発表価格 400,000円(税別

”Eagle heart” Type-A
Production year:2014

吸血夜 Type-A H45×W34×D20(cm) ブロンズ、鉄 2014 ED100 AP10 発表価格 400,000円(税別)

“Blood-sucking Night” Type-A
Production year:2014

Bat in the frame (Type-B)  H52×W32×D12(cm) ブロンズ、ステンレス、漆、アガチス 2013 ED50 AP10 発表価格 320,000円(税別)

“Bat in the Frame“ (Type-B)
  Size: H52×W32×D12(cm)
Material: bronze, stainless steel, lacquer, agathis
Production year: 2013

Glorious images (Type-A) H42×W32×D7(cm) ブロンズ、ステンレス、漆、アガチス 2012 ED100 AP10 発表価格 280,000円(税別)

“Glorious Images“ (Type-A)
Size: H42×W32×D7(cm)
Material: bronze, stainless steel, laquer, agathis
Production year: 2012

月夜のJackalope H28×W18.5×D20(cm) ブロンズ 2010 ED50 AP10 発表価格 360,000円(税別)

“Jackalope in a moonlit night“
Size: H28×W18.5×D20(cm)
Material: bronze
Production year:2010

愚かな装飾 –Queen rabbit- H28×W13.5×D12.5(cm) ブロンズ、純金(24K)造幣局検定印入り 2010 ED25 AP 5 発表価格 1,000,000円(税別)

“Wacky ornament – Queen Rabbit“
Size: H28×W13.5×D12.5(cm)
Material: bronze, 24K gold, with Mint Bureau Approval Sign
Production year: 2010

間守の白蛇 H33×W10×D10(cm) シルバー925、天然ルビー 2010 ED99 AP10 発表価格 800,000円(税別)

“Kanshu-no-Shirohebi(White Snake the Guardian”
Size: H33×W10×D10(cm)
Material: silver925, genuine ruby
Production year: 2010

タランチュラの灯華 H17×W17×D7(cm) ブロンズ、電飾機器 2014 ED100 AP20 発表価格 380,000円(税別)

Tarantula lantern
Size: H17×W17×D7(cm)
Material: bronze, electrical appliance
Production year: 2014

Dress fish(Black) h8×w32×d32(cm) ブロンズ、ガラス 2009 AP 10 ED 50 発表価格 240,000円(税別)

“Dress Fish“(Black)(Red)
Size: H8xW32xD32(cm)
Material: bronze, glass
Production year: 2009

天使のトルソ H52×W25×D26(cm) ブロンズ、真鍮 2007 ED25 AP5 発表価格 800,000円(税別) No.13 デビルのトルソ H47×W25×D26(cm) ブロンズ、真鍮 2007 ED25 AP5 発表価格 800,000円(税別)

“Tenshi-no-Torso“(Angel Torso) H52×W25×D26(cm)
“Devil-no-Torso”(Devil Torso) H52×W25×D26(cm)
Material: bronze, copper
Production year: 2007

Many other attractive pieces are exhibited.

We look forward seeing you.


Please inquire throughl HP”contact” for the item stock.

Pictures presented by 「D.B.Factory」http://akioohmori.com/