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Solo Exhibition „Forest of Textiles“by Harumi Yahata

Saturday May 9th to Saturday May 30th

Exhibiting Dyeing Art by Kyoto based Harumi Yahata

【Panel Works】

「Garden」シリーズ 75×75(㎝) 各¥129,600

„Garden“Series 75 x75(cm) ¥129,00 each(tax inclusive)

「ときわ」 88×176(㎝) ¥324,000

„Tokiwa“(Everlasting) 88×176(㎝) 

【Product Works】

「手染めふわっとOP」 フリーサイズ 全15色 ¥19,440

Dress“Tezome fuwatto OP“
free size in 15 different colors,

「帆布トートバッグ」 全10種 ¥3,240

Canvas Totebag in 10 different patterns,

Many other exciting items good for the coming season such as T-shirts , alohashirts with the artist’s original created patterns are also available.

IMG_0902 - コピー

T-shirt  / Skirt / Aloha Shirt / silk scarf 

IMG_0912 - コピー

Scrolls „Flower“Series / Yukata Fabric Roll (hand dyed)/ printed fabric roll

You are free to  drop in and please  feel free to try on the pieces you like.!