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  • Patio

    Here at Yakata, you will find works by artists of different genre integrated into the living space.
    Our selections of tables, waste baskets, wall mirrors, shoe tongue and even any trivial item of daily life fulfill your personal needs while being truly and proudly “a work of art”.
    Why not possess your “special piece” by being more particular about whatever comes into your contact in your daily life?

    Ceramic basin “Jardin de lumiere” by Jun Kawaguchi

  • Main Gallery

    Here we intentionally place no show case.
    Stool, table, waste basket …… each item is a piece of art by itself.
    The handrail of the staircase leading to the second floor is another piece of art on a wall canvas,
    while maintaining to meet our practical needs.

    Steel Handrail “one stroke brushart” by Chu Sato

  • Small Gallery

    This dining table in the Small Gallery is another collaboration by two artists.
    We will further continue showcasing collaboration pieces.

    Tabletop(Graffitti Tin & lacquer finished) by Hideo Azuma.
    Legs(Iron work) by Chu Sato.
    Wallclock by Kohji Hatakeyama

  • Japanese Sliding Door Decors

    The outer side of the sliding doors of the Japanese room is finished with Kinkarakami.
    Reproduced, revived and renamed as such by Master Ueda of Kinkarakami Institute, the original of which, known as Kinkarakawagami during the Meiji period, was then a popular cultural exporting goods, that eventually diminished due to mechanical mass production. It is Master Ueda’s favourite disciple, Mr.Kazuhiro Ikeda, who enthusiastically has done this work here at Yakata.

    The metallic doorhandles by Katsuhiro Akihama
    Wallpaper,Sliding door(Kinkara-kami) by Kazuhiro Ikeda

  • Japanese Room

    This space is a collaboration by artists from various genre, namely steel, paper, lacquer and wood.
    The creativity of each artists shows uniqueness that perform a cozy space, where a world of modern craft art unfolds.

    Wallpaper(Oxidized silver gild washi-paper) by Shigeki Kudoh
    Alcove post(Iron) by Aki Rusu
    Alcove by Naoki Kusumi
    Splint cypress ceiling panels by Shigeki Kudoh
    Ceiling Lattice work(paper) by Kazuya Osada

  • Restroom

    This is a space we call “ the Splendid Rest Room”. Here the possibility of using a new material of acrylic resins is introduced magnificently. The basin and the tiles here are no longer mere industrial products, but now with their artistic beauty, they are transforming the “function-priority toilet space” into a beautiful one.

    Partition: Acrylic Resin by Ryo Kato
    Tiles by Akito Morino
    Acrylic Resin Counter-Top with Walnuts by Ryo Kato
    Porcelain Basin by Akito Morino

  • Restroom

    When you close the door, you will find yourself immersed in a magical world.
    The splendour of Kinkarakami emerge beautifully in the light of the “plant roots”chandelier.

    Kinkarakami by Kazuhiro Ikeda
    Ceramic Chandelier with Zirconia by Akito Morino

  • Speaker

    The moment you glance at it, this frightening strange spherical creature may threaten you with its formidable look
    Not many recognize it as a sound track speaker, but good heavens, you will be overwhelmed and enhanced by the awesome deep soundtones it creates!

    Speaker “Balloon” by Shinsui Ishikawa