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2018.10.20Exhibitions WADA Akira Solo Exhibition
2018.10.12Flower of the Month October: Arrangement of the month – Korean spindle tree

Chrysanthemums are seen throughout the year, but originally they belong to autumn flowers.They go well with colored leaves and autumn fruits.

2013.11.5News Lacquer – Opening Its Way To Future

In autumn last year I had my first lacquer tapping experience in Daigomachi, Ibaraki Perfecture. Successively in December the same year I held at Yakata “A Gathering to Hear About Lacquer” with Mr.Takashi Maruyama of Japan Lacquer Association as our speaker. All such occasions led me become more aware of the current situation of lacquer in our country and I was driven to launch a NPO, which through many of Yakata’s cultural activities, should render helping hands in anyway or the other to protect our lacquer culture. The issue cannot simply be solved all on my own. I earnestly would like to ask for your understanding and for your very kind support.

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Japan conserves a long history of arts and crafts that are already well known worldwide.
It is saddening, however, that today these traditional Japanese art is facing a crisis of survival.
Modernization of our daily life leads people to tend for a simple life and simple items, easy care and easy buy.
The artisans of the traditional Japanese art have been discouraged to preserve their skills and thus are decreasing in number today.
Why not re-observe and re-evaluate the beauty and the splendor of the Japanese art that we should be proud of?
We should be keen enough to protect our traditional beautiful culture from being depreciated. The artisans getting old should be encouraged to transmit their skills to the younger generation. How can this be achieved?
I have come up with the idea of Yakata, so to say, our experiment house.
I plan to have the artists from various genre, i.e. ceramics, lacquer, acrylic, paperwork, metals and woodcraft to participate in three weeks intervals to express their work respectively within the space and with the space provided.
I’d like to define it as a new challenge for them to express not just a piece of art but an art in the living space as a whole.
I sincerely hope such a challenge will further encourage the development of traditional Japanese art in modern living. 

Takako Yazaki
Producer of Yakata