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2020.4.4Exhibitions UEBA Kasumi Solo Exhibition
2020.3.27News Notice! Postponement of UEBA Kasumi Solo Exhibition

Facing an unprecedented public health crisis, and upon all events postponement request by the Governor of Tokyo, Gallery Yusai adjourns the UEBA Kasumi Solo Exhibition until April 17th(Fri) held through 29th(Wed). ※Closed on 22nd only.

2020.3.24Flower of the Month March: Flower of the month- Magnolia Kobus

I first came across Magnolia Kobus in a popular song lyrics in my childhood.

2020.3.7Exhibitions IRO-E Exhibition

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Under the theme "bringing the user and creator closer together", Gallery Yakata Yusai, with the cooperation of artists, enthusiastically adopt art pieces with usability into the living space.

Creation of art pieces has since long been considered merely as artistic expressions. Now imposing them a new restraint of "Arranging it in the living space", it is worth seeing how the participating artists to their utmost challenge to the project. In their creations we should encounter great fascinations, which the industrial goods cannot offer us.

Possessing a piece or more of such an art, a collaborative production, so to say, of artists and users, one's daily life should certainly be more fulfilling.

We hold annually 8 to 9 exhibitions in our gallery, inviting artists mainly of art & crafts to create their own world of their art pieces. Unlike any solo exhibitions elsewhere, the space provided here is none merely an empty one but an absolute living space. Here you will see striking challenges of numerous artists to the art space coexisting with daily life. Sincerely hoping the world of Japanese modern crafts eventually and remarkably expand and develop.

Takako Yazaki
Nushi, Gallery Yakata Yusai